ULTRA CLEAN: Post soldering flux residues are generally removed from the assemblies by organic polar and non polar solvent. KTE’s ultra-cleaners have no CFSs and are designed to remove both ionic and non ionic flux residues in order to maximize the reliability of electronic assemblies. Ultra-cleaner is a blend of naturally occurring solvent and it does not require any heating process.

SCREEN CLEANING SOLVENT: This organic and moisture free solvent is developed for cleaning of mobiles & TV screens.

BATTERY CLEANING SOLVENT: This organic and moisture free solvent is developed for cleaning of non confirming printing of mobile batteries

SAPONIFIRE CLEANING SOLVENTS: This solvent is aqua based alkaline flux reside remover. It is formulated as a concentrate and can be diluted with water. It effectively clean all rosin and water soluble flux residue.


KTE’s Tin Oil is composed of high quality, long lasting organic hydrocarbon and proprietary anti dross additives. It is well suited for constant solder bath and all kinds of wave soldering machines. It can act as a blanket on top of molten solder to prevent and eliminate the dross formation.


Anti-dross powder is used to reduce solder oxides into pure solder. By adding anti dross powder, 70 –80 % solder can be recovered from the solder dross . It can be used in wave soldering as well as static solder bath.

SOLDER PAINT: KTE also has developed an aqua based non resin flux which is called as Solder Paint. This type of soldering paint is user friendly because of excellent wetting and good thixotropic properties. It is used in automotive, generators,boiler making, model making, capacitors, resistors and pipes .