• High purity
  • Excellent Fluidity
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Economy through technology

The best combination of the above features is found in BOND Solder sticks / bar. The quality of BOND solder sticks / bar is the best as compared to the other solder brands. BOND solder bar is made with the extrusion and vacuum processwhich conforms to a uniform alloy composition resulting in consistent and reliable quality. This process eliminates the contamination of metallic oxides and virtually drives out all sulphides,nonmetallic inclusion and other possible contaminations. In other solder bars the oxides can build up on the surfaces of molten solder to a brownish black mass which is called dross. But becauseof the special metal treatment done during manufacturing process, the surface of Bond solder alloy remains glossy in appearance for a longer time which results in less dross formation during wave soldering at the customer end.

Bond solder bars are made with both Extruded and casted process

KTE have a wide range of quality solder alloy as listed below :

SnPb Sn63/ Pb37 183 49 Eutectic solder for electronics , electricals , mobile and auto industry
SnPb Sn60/Pb40 183-187 51 General purpose solder. Suitable for hand soldering and dip soldering application
SnPbAg Sn62/Pb36/Ag2.0 179 49 Suitable for silver plated surfaces / components. It prevents silver leaching
SnPb Sn 55/Pb45 183 – 212 44 Low cost general purpose solder
SnPb Sn 50/Pb 50 183 – 212 42 Low cost general purpose solder
SnPb Sn40/Pb60 183-238 45 Low cost general purpose solder for electrical industry
SnPb Sn 70 / ZN 30 For aluminium soldering
Sn Pb Sn 80/ ZN 20 For Aluminium soldering
SnPbAg Sn5/Pb93.5/Ag1.5 295 48 For high melting point application

High melting point solder is a special alloy that has been developed for high temperature application e.g. in electric motors, car radiators and high temperature lamps.

Low melting point alloy is developed for soldering of heat sensitive components.