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Solder Paste Products

To meet exact requirement of SMT component assembly, hybrid and chip bumping application, KTE has developed solder paste for Indian electronic industries. Solder Paste is a homogenous mixture of finely graded oxide free pre-alloyed solder powder suspended on a thixotropic flux. Extremely rapid flow and increased wetting are obtained on bond solder paste. RMA paste is a solder paste that consists of RMA type flux satisfying QQ-S-571E with very mild halide. Flux residue after soldering becomes highly reliable coating with excellent insulation resistance.



     Designed for fine pitch application and ensures continual printing. It is highly reliable and requires no cleaning: 

  • Exhibits excellent wettability.
  • Ensures minimal slumping and prevents solder balling and bridging.
  • Low colour flux residue offers superior cosmetic appearance.