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Properties of Recommended Lead free solder

KTE has found that the following alloys meet the requirements of its customers in most printed circuit board assembly applications.

It provides the following features:-



Product code Composition Melting Point ˚C Tensile strength 10mm/ min Elongation % Recommended Application
Sn100Cu Sn0.7Cu 227 32 48

Recommended for wave soldering, Tinning

SnAg* Sn96Ag 221 46 33

High strength solder for elevated temperature recommended for both wave and Reflow soldering

SnAgCu* Sn963AgCu 218-219 50 32

Reliable solder for wave, Reflow soldering and for SMT components. Smooth Bright joint pads for Hot Air leveling boards

SnSb Sn5Sb 236-243 46 38

For high temperature soldering



* Patented Product: - US Patent number 5527628